Cabling for data networks differs significantly from the more familiar power and telephone networks. An understanding of networks that can carry data and video, as well as voice transmissions, will help you ensure that cabling installed today can meet the demands of tomorrow.

EDV specialise in this Market Sector and have the ability to deliver complex and often large projects that require the highest standard of design and installation practices. We are one of the leading communications cabling contractors in Sydney. We have established an impressive range of high profile projects.

EDV’s policy of product independence enables us to provide a tailored solution to suit your specific needs. We are endorsed suppliers for the leading structured cabling solutions. We have an extensive range of partners

We provide the following:

  • Voice & Data Structured Cabling Services
  • Campus Fibre Optic Backbones
  • Testing, Commissioning and Warranty Services
  • Moves, Add’s and Changes
  • Connectivity & Patch Field Management
  • Design Services
  • Cable Network Auditing
  • Cable Management Software (Implementation & Support)